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*** Songs from the Maagal – Musical Journal is a blog run by Yonatan Gutfeld, SCJ Musical Director. ***

November 11, 2018 // 3 Kislev, 5779

Shalom School for Creative Judaism community!
I’m excited to begin the SCJ musical journal, which will offer some of the songs we sing together. I’ll be regularly posting here current songs we sing at the ma’agal at Cobble Hill and Lower East Side branches, in hopes to make them echo in the homes and home groups, and bring us a bit more together.

First Song – Vayivra Elohim

When Misha announced that this will be the Year of the Artists, I started looking for a song to go with it. Except for the beautiful Vincent by Don McLean that thematically has little to do with creative Judaism I couldn’t think of much.
So I went to the Torah’s creation story in Genesis, chapter 1 and found these words:
Bara’- (created, made) ברא
Tzelem- (image) צלם
Adam- (human) אדם
Vayar ki Tov- (And God saw that it was good) וירא כי טוב

I thought maybe this is a good place to begin.
I put a melody to it that isn’t the hardest or the easiest. Here is a recording if you’d like to practice for the ma’agal.

The lyrics are:

ויברא אלוהים את האדם בצלמו
אלוהים ברא אותו
וירא כי טוב
טוב מאוד
ויהי ערב ויהי בוקר
יום השישי


Vayivra Elohim Et HaAdam Betzlamo
Elohim Bara O’to
Vayira Ki Tov
Tov Me’od
Vayi’hi Erev
Vayi’hi Boker
Yom HaShishi


In her spirit god created me
In her spirit
And she found it very good
Very good
Then came evening and came morning
Day number six

I look forward to singing with you all!
Yonatan, SCJ Musical Director


Here’s a peek at our Ma’agal at the Cobble Hill branch singing Vayivra Elohim On November 15